Contact Your Spirit Guides

Contacting our Guides


       The primary motivation to contact Spirit is to gain clarity in our lives. We seek out our Guides, and hope that they respond. But, what if the reverse is true and they have been trying to reach us as well? Our destiny path often draws us toward this convergence with our Spirit Guides.  An underlying power is at work here, arranging for a cosmic meeting with those that have been waiting patiently for us to call on them. 

        In the early 1980’s, a close friend of mine invited me to attend a gathering with a Channel who was growing in popularity in New York. She expressed her enthusiasm repeatedly about this Channel, as well as the Spirits who spoke through him.  This went on for an entire year! I had no interest in these Spirits, and thought the whole thing peculiar.  I politely declined every time she suggested it. Then one day I heard a voice say to me with absolute authority, “Go see (the Medium)!” I was stunned by this command. After all, not only had I no desire to do so, but now there was a voice telling me I should.

        The decree was so great, I did not question it. I phoned my friend and requested that she schedule a private appointment for me with the Medium.  That was the beginning of a new and remarkable universe opening up for me.  Although at the surface level, I had no interest in attending a channeling, I was searching for the unique contribution I could make in life. It never occurred to me that these disembodied entities would know me, and my path, so well! They were directly answering my prayers for guidance.

        There is a higher intelligence guiding us all the time.  It is up to us to pay attention.  It is also up to us to listen without fixed ideas or judgments.  We must relinquish our personal agenda no matter how convincing it may be. It is not necessary for us to struggle to figure out how to be happy. The higher intelligence of the universe knows the most harmonious way for us to fulfill our lives.

        There is often a circuitous route, however, to the way we are guided.  Normally, we are taught to pursue our goals as a linear objective.  When directed by Spirit, they may guide us in a manner that does not seem logical.  This is because they can see the matrix of our path and are aware of the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead. We may need to heal or complete something along the way for instance.  Or, to acquire a skill or some life experience before taking on a larger role in life. It never occurred to me, for example, that the skills I learned as an Art Director would be of value in so many ways later on.  I understand now that these myriad abilities were life training for what would become my future path.