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CHANNELED GUIDANCE: The Nature of the Soul



        The desire to know yourself is innate.  If you want to understand the meaning of your life, you will find clarity only if you look in the place where the information is stored. This place is the soul. It is through this doorway that you come to know who you truly are. 

        The soul is you – it is your essence.  This is the primary measure by which you can recognize your destiny and purpose in life; your authentic self has no dimension or constraints attached to it. The nature of the soul, born from the Source of all things, is thus infinite.  Your physical body has a specific time within which its purpose is experienced but it is only through the connection with your soul that you can know and fulfill your true reason for being.

        The soul is your inner guidance system that directs you without fail throughout your life.  It is the part of you that is connected to Source, the central intelligence of the universe. If you identify primarily with the materialized world around you as a means to know yourself, you will be in a state of constant uncertainty.  If, on the other hand, you become aware of your relationship with the source of all things, you will have access to this higher intelligence.

        Creation provides the soul as a portal for self-knowledge. There is an internal summoning of the spirit directing you toward completion and wholeness.  The more you pay attention to this inner self, the more clearly you can discern its existence.  This is the pathway of the awakening soul.  Once you embark upon it, all other choices become irrelevant.  You experience the power and presence of the divine nature of your being.  Most importantly, you begin to know who you truly are.

Excerpted from Contact Your Spirit Guides, copyright Schiffer Publishing 2011.

No reprint without written permission.