Contact Your Spirit Guides
Contact Your Spirit Guides has been a wise and welcome companion as I have travelled the world this last month. I love the subtle brilliance of the writing which holds great, comforting and empowering spiritual truths in simple sentences. Reading this book reminds me of the infinite safety of a life of flow and surrender and of the ever-present possibility of peace,happiness and ease. Thank you Asandra for being the clear channel through which this beautiful and life enhancing gift.
— Morel Fourman, CEO, Gaiasoft, Founder Gaiaspace and Author of "The Book of Personal and Global Transformation."

The messages of
Contact Your Spirit Guides offer practical down-to-earth insights on how to live a more fulfilling life. They take you away from the static of ego to the much needed clarity of Spirit.
—John Randolph Price,Chairman of the Quartus Foundation and Bestselling author of The Superbeings, The AngelsWithin Us,and The Abundance Book.

The soul’s journey consists of a long string of lifetimes where the focus is initially on reacting to the physical world, and later, coercing it to fit the ego’s will. At the end of that string of incarnations comes one special, magical lifetime. This is when the person wakes up to the fact that manipulating the earth plane is not what life is really all about. The fact that you are even reading this says that you are living that magical lifetime because your soul intended you to be that special incarnation that moves into alignment with it.

Of course, you need a guide to move you along this path less trodden … and you’re holding it in your hands right now. In Contact Your Spirit Guides, spiritual masters speak through Asandra to lead you into alignment with the Creator Source via your own soul, which never stepped out of alignment with Source. Once you are aligned, your soul itself will guide you, but initially, you need “training wheels” to get you on the path and take your first step towards your soul destiny. That is precisely what this book offers – a guide to the paradoxes and pitfalls you will encounter on the path from being ego-centered to soul-centered to Source-centered.

— Tony Stubbs, author of An Ascension Handbook, Living with Soul, It’s All About Control and Death Without Fear



A profound work, written in easily understandable prose – I highly recommend this book.
—Helen Reddy, author of The Woman I Am

I strongly recommend (the Spirit Guidance Cards©). I cannot stress too much the unique nature of the process that Asandra has developed Spirit Guidance Cards. They are not an alternative to other forms of connection with spirit and spiritual awareness; but a completely new, effective, and accurate approach.

-- Sahar Huneidi, professional intuitive, "One of the Best 100 Psychics in the World", author of Your Future In A Coffee Cup- The Art of Divining with Coffee Grounds.


The deck of Spirit Guidance Cards©, included with Contact Your Spirit Guides, are a great tool in your journey to contacting your Spirit Guides. Complete instructions of how to use the cards are included, along with possible meanings. The cards provide a source for you to receive messages and wisdom from your Spirit Guides.

--Cher Green, Fiction Author, Tarot Reader, and Tarot Examiner for National